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Obelisk & Elephant is a new initiative to improve local news coverage in an increasingly globalised world. If you are a small business or charity operating out of the Camberley area, then you can advertise yourself or events on the Obelisk & Elephant for free. Larger businesses will need to contact Obandel.com for rates. Please contact us to see our terms and conditions, or for more information. Remember, we’re here to help highlight everything that’s great about Camberley and it’s surrounding area.

The Obelisk & Elephant’s aim is simple: support the local community by bringing news and advertising events in the local area. The news articles and opinion pieces are written by you, with articles submitted to the site going through the editorial process before being published. If you’ve ever wanted to be a journalist, or if you just want to report the news in our area, then this is your opportunity. Please submit articles to our site’s editor, Tom Walker.

The Obelisk & Elephant (obandel.com) is a new initiative to try and provide better local news coverage with the aim of forging stronger bonds in the community and help people find out about what is going on around them. If you would like to help in this by either writing an article, or by wishing to let us know about something going on in the Surrey Heath (or Blackwater, Farnborough and Sandhurst and surrounding areas), then please contact us using either our contact page, or by emailing our editor, Tom Walker (tomwalker1914@gmail.com).

The Obelisk & Elephant has no journalists, only local contributors, and welcomes submissions from anyone, although all content will go through the editorial process. This site will try to uphold the highest level of quality in any content published. The editorial code and commercial process can be found here.