1. About The Obelisk & Elephant

The Obelisk & Elephant (Obandel.com) is a local news initiative, starting in April 2017. It is very much focused on gathering and distributing news for the Camberley (and surrounding) area. The intention of Obandel.com is not to make profit, but to cover its costs whilst contributing positively to the local community. Therefore, Obandel.com welcomes contributions from people in or from the local area (either living and working locally, or now living away having lived or worked here previously). Contributions will not be paid for by Obandel.com at this time, although periodically articles may be commissioned if an expertise is required, or Obandel.com seeks to highlight a certain aspect of local culture or history.

Obandel.com sees an inflection point in media coverage. In an age of rising populism, fake news, and highly opinionated news (trying to soften the divide between opinion and factual news coverage), Obandel.com seeks to inform, educate and highlight through News articles, Feature articles and Opinion articles. Feature and Opinion articles will always be indicated as such, whereas all other content promoting or covering local news and events will not be marked as news, but will be considered as such. All three categories must adhere to the Obandel.com Editorial Code.

2. Articles submission & editorial process

If you would like to contribute either a News article, Opinion or Feature to Obandel.com, please contact the Editor here. Obandel.com welcomes a wide range of submissions and a spectrum of opinion. Obandel.com is not affiliated with any political party or point of view, and welcomes a diversity of opinion, so long as such opinion does not break any laws, or constitute hate crime or hate speech. Obandel.com will not endorse any form of discrimination and does not welcome any such views. Obandel.com does want to encourage and promote healthy debate and is open to a range of dissenting opinions in order to seek common ground for all views. All submissions will go through the editorial process, and depending on the nature of the article, Obandel.com may seek to verify the sources of information.

In a globalised world, Obandel.com believes that localism, supporting local culture and promoting local views helps to both educate and inform people. Obandel.com also believes universal education and information is essential to fundamental, universal freedoms and a strong, open democracy. Obandel.com is free, independent local news and wishes to play a key role in supporting the local community. Obandel.com is not yet affiliated with industry codes of practice, but will comply with most norms.

3. Complaint Process

If you feel that Obandel.com has not upheld it’s high level of integrity, or has inaccurately or inappropriately published an article, then please contact the Editor here, listing your complaint and supplying your contact details. The Editor is committing to reviewing and replying to your comments and responding to your complaint. If your complaint is upheld, Obandel.com will modify or remove the articles under review. If your complaint is not upheld, then an explanation will be provided as to why Obandel.com believe that the article is valid and relevant.

4. Commercial activity

Obandel.com seeks to cover it costs (web hosting, commissions, taxes, advertising), with the intention of donating any profit to charitable causes. Commercial will not influence or otherwise interfere with the Editorial process.  If you would like to advertise with Obandel.com, please contact the Editor to discuss our rates. If you are a local, independent business or charity, Obandel.com can advertise you without charge for an agreed period of time.